Mission Invertebrate

This weekend I was back at The Regent’s Park helping with their project Mission Invertebrate. This project is funded by the People’s Postcode Lottery and is investigating what invertebrates live in The Regent’s Park and how this relates to where the Park’s hedgehog population lives.

The project is a citizen science project – members of the public have been recruited to take soil cores, put in pitfall traps and count the number of slugs and snails in a set area. Myself and my colleague Anthony Roach were helping the volunteers identify the invertebrates collected in the pitfall traps. This involves picking each invertebrate out of each pot, identifying and counting them, and then putting them into a tub of alcohol to preserve them.

I have mostly been analysing data and writing at the moment so it felt really good to get outside and identify some invertebrates for a change – it reminded me why I am doing a PhD in the first place (I love the diversity of invertebrates!) and lifted my mood greatly.

107 ants found in one pitfall trap!


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