Organising a conference is hard work!

March arrives and it’s time for the annual Natural History Museum (NHM) Student Conference! I am on the student committee and so help with the organisation. There’s a lot to do organising a conference but we learnt from last year and with new members on the team it seemed a lot less stressful this year! Despite the stress and extra work being part of a committee and helping organising a conference is a great opportunity to learn useful skills and make contacts, so I highly recommend getting involved with one if you can.

Talks are compulsory for 3rd year PhD students like me so although I had spoken at the two previous years’ conferences (I need the practice : ) I was yet again up on stage. It was quite fun actually as last year I talked about developing my citizen science project Earthworm Watch which was just about to launch, now it has been running a year so I was able to give the first results from the project. I was also able to talk about some of the amazing media and outreach opportunities it has given me, including getting a grant to attend the Bristol Festival of Nature, winning an award for public engagement and being interviewed on Radio Four’s Gardeners’ Question Time.

Victoria Burton talking about Earthworm Watch at the NHM Student Conference
Victoria Burton talking about Earthworm Watch at the NHM Student Conference


Check out the Storify for more of the conference.

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