Hat wearing PhD supervisors & other Christmas hijinks

Thankfully I managed to avoid being dragged to see the Oxford Street Christmas lights this year but as my Christmas-loving boyfriend was visiting it would be rude to not show him any and he was happy with seeing some of the Regent Street lights during a day out in London.

Regent Street Christmas lights
Regent Street Christmas lights

As I described in an earlier blog post, work last week consisted of mostly Christmas parties! Starting off with the the Natural History Museum Student Association Christmas Party and moving on to the Soil Biodiversity Group Christmas gathering where my supervisor Paul Eggleton tried on my Christmas hat! Sadly I was unable to join the group Christmas meal afterwards but it was great catching up with volunteers, students and staff.

Christmas hat wearing PhD supervisor

The next day it was the Purvis Lab Christmas party, including a ‘double-blind’ Secret Santa when you don’t know whom you are buying for or what you will get. We had a lovely lunch in a local pub which included crackers, party poppers and Christmas hats! Cue more hat wearing supervisor shenanigans!

Double-blind Secret Santa (and another Christmas hat wearing supervisor)
Double-blind Secret Santa (and another Christmas hat wearing supervisor)

After tea, chocolate and bakewell tarts it was off to the Natural History Museum Life Sciences Christmas Party, this year’s theme was ‘Stars in Your Eyes’ and featured several Amy Winehouse, Slash, Britney Spears, Freddie Mercury and others I didn’t recognise. There was also some karaoke and a performance from the Village People! Not to mention lots of excellent food and drink.

Life Sciences Christmas party

This week it was time for some more sedate Christmas celebrations with the Museum choir group performing in the Victoria and Albert and Natural History Museums. Today I went along to watch the choir performing on the steps of Hinzte Hall at the Natural History Museum, which was well attended by staff and visitors. Fellow Purvis Lab member Isabel (bottom far right in photo) sang a solo part, shortly before her PhD viva!

Carol singing in Natural History Museum Hintze Hall
Carol singing in Natural History Museum Hintze Hall


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