The PREDICTS Project Symposium

One of the research groups I am connected too – Projecting Responses of Ecological Diversity In Changing Terrestrial Systems (PREDICTS) has just come to the end of its first three years. To mark the occasion a one day symposium was held at the Natural History Museum with talks on overviews of what the project has achieved, the latest results, and a look ahead. I was invited to do a 15 minute talk on my PhD work researching human effects on soil biodiversity which use the PREDICTS framework. The Symposium was webcast live on YouTube and attended by many PREDICTS researchers past and present so I was rather anxious! However I did feel maybe feel slightly less nervous than my previous two talks, and even had a glimmer of enjoyment when answering questions at the end, which had been the part I most dreaded! I also received good feedback from the talk which was a boost to my confidence. Nearly a year into my PhD it was good to reflect on the progress I have made in presenting.

Rather than blogging the whole event here, check my Storify for Tweets from the event: PREDICTS Project Symposium

The programme of talks is also available at and will soon be accompanied by YouTube videos of the talks.

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