Soil biodiversity in the garden

This week the Wildlife Gardening Forum held its conference ‘Soil Biodiversity in the Garden’ at the Natural History Museum in London. Being a keen gardener and researching soil biodiversity I had to go along.

Steve Head opens the Wildlife Gardening Forum conference
Steve Head opens the Wildlife Gardening Forum conference

The Wildlife Gardening Forum is a group of organisations and people who are passionate about wildlife in gardens and seek to help people value and enjoy wildlife in their gardens. While there has been quite a lot of interest in gardens as habitats for birds, mammals and pollinating insects, few consider the life below ground so this conference was a great way to raise the profile of soil organisms and discuss ideas. Check my Storify: “Wildlife Gardening Forum – Soil Biodiversity in the Garden” to see some of the talks and discussion that was generated, finishing with an afternoon in the Natural History Museum Wildlife Garden.

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