Ikea has a temporal distortion

I month into my PhD I moved from my family home in Portsmouth to a rented flat in outer London, it’s a short commute away but I get a lot more for my money. Unfortunately logistical problems meant I spent the first few weeks with minimal furniture etc. which wasn’t ideal on top of having trouble settling into the first real home of my own. So Andrew took me off to Ikea Croydon, to buy some items to make the place more homely (and to take advantage of the the free coffee).

Ikea Croydon chimneys
Andrew admiring the chimneys at Ikea Croydon

I have since found out that the Croydon store is the biggest Ikea in the UK, which partly explained how we managed to spend nearly seven(!) hours there. I’m still somewhat disbelieving that we were really there that long, and that a temporal distortion must somehow be to blame! There were still some Christmas sale bargains about which Andrew was very excited by:

Christmas bargains at Ikea
Christmas bargains at Ikea

Lastly, a trip to Ikea wouldn’t be complete without meatballs and princess cake to go with the free coffee. So my flat now has a proper bed, some more chairs so visitors do not have to sit on the floor, more than one set of cutlery and a few ‘homely’ touches such as a rug and picture for the wall. Hopefully I should start to feel more at home there.

Ikea meatballs & princess cake

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